I guess really, I have always believed in God as my friend and saviour.

I was brought up in a Christian family, my mum was in the church choir and a Sunday school teacher as a young lady and my dad was a Sunday school teacher.

The person that really led me to the Lord was my cousin Sue. She seemed different, always happy and busy doing things for the Lord. She used to take to a youth thing called CCC that was run every year in the Summer. She also would take me to her Evangelical church and church coffee bar.

One day as an adult I asked myself why is she like this? I now realise it’s because she is full of the Holy Spirt in her. I want some of that please Lord I prayed one day and that day my pastor came to ask if I was ready to give my life to the Lord and my answer was, of course, yes.

He has given me countless blessings. I was only given 22hrs to live at birth and now I’m nearly 62.

I have done many kinds of youth work with my Church and other things too.

The Lord proved for me too. One Christmas he was with me all the way in this crisis. I was looking for a care agency and none could be found for me, so the crisis care team came in for 2 weeks and only got me up and put me to bed (nothing else was done). The social worker told me I needed to go in a Home, but I still believed God would sort it. When everything had fallen to pieces, my dear friend found a lady who had been a carer and looked after me until after Christmas. I was even able to go New Year’s midnight service. On Christmas eve my sister rang a care company and asked if they would take me on in January and they did. Thank you, Lord. That was a very fighting time, but I hung on in there.

There have been hurtful times in my life and still are but I know God has a plan for me and each one of us who will let him into their life and listen.