Bill Anders Picture close up

In the Beginning – Special Praise and Worship Evening Celebrting 50 Years of the Moon Landing

Bill Anders Picture close up


Bible Text: Genesis 1: 1-18 |


Just over 50 years ago in 1968, as the crew of Apollo 8 orbited the Moon and they read extracts from Genesis Chapter One live on TV to millions of people around the world. The also captured what has been described on the most awe-inspiring photograph in all history of the Earth rising above the lunar landscape: Both events would have a profound and influential effect that continues to this day. In Our Café Worship Evening we will praise and worship the God of all creation with a particular emphasis on the wonder of the creative power of God.  The evening will include the original recording of the reading from Genesis by the astronauts as they orbited the moon as well as N.A.S.A. images from the 1968 mission. We will also hear from astronauts giving their unique perspective on creation, faith and God. We will also hear original NASA communications with the Apollo 8 capsule and radio commentaries from the time. Interspersed with Praise and Worship. “And God bless you all, all of you on the Good Earth”. (Frank Borman 24/12/1968 Apollo 8 Commander)

Full Circle – Bonadventure (From the album Tree of life featuring Apollo 8 crew reading Gen 1: 1-18)

Introduction (Jeremy)

Opening Pray (Jeremy)

Worship - God of Wonders.

Scripture - Job 26: 6-13a NKJV (Paula)

Audio 2  Frank Borman – Launch.

Scripture - Hebrews 11: 1-3 (Paula)

Worship - How Great is Our God

Scripture - Psalm 104: v 1-3, v19-24, v31 (Paula)

Audio 3 - The Earth from Space (The Apollo 8 Crew)

Scripture - Job 38: 4-13 (Paula)

Worship - All Heaven Declares

Scripture - Job 38: 14-20 (Paula)

Audio 4 - Bill Anders, Earth Rise Photograph

Scripture - Job 38: 31-37 (Paula)

Worship – Indescribable

Scripture - Isaiah 40: 18- and 21-22a (Paula)

Audio 5 - Charles Duke Testimony.

Scripture - Hebrews 11: 1-3 (Paula)

Worship - King of Kings

Scripture - Psalm 8: 3-5  (Paula)                                                            

Audio 6 - A Message from the Moon

Worship 6 You’re Worthy of My Praise

Scripture - Deuteronomy 10:13 (Paula)

Audio 7- Reflection – Jim Lovel & Charles Duke

Worship 7 - The Servant King.

Scripture - Psalm 19: 1-6 (Paula)

Audio 8 - This Good Earth

Scripture - Joel 2: 28-32 (Paula)

Special Message – (Jeremy)

Audio 9 - Apollo 11 Communion

PRAYER - (Paula)

Audio 10 - Apollo 11 Summary

Worship 8 - Thine Be The Glory

Closing Prayer – (Jeremy)

Audio Recording are Original Public Domain NASA recording of the Apollo 8-11 Astronauts. The background Music and Soundscapes were created by Jeremy McCandless ( ie:Bonadventure)

The Worship Songs were recording of Congregational singing accompanying the isingworship music app and videos.

Scripture from either the NIV or NKJV of the Holy Bible