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In many situations in life there is good news and bad news. Listening to the news these days and I’m sure like me you will wonder is there any good news left in the world these days. As we continue this series in the book of Genesis and look at a time when the bad news was about as bad can get. Yet within that bad news there was still some good news to be found if you look hard enough. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to see things from God's point of view and find the good news when all around seems like bad news? Let’s look at this together and try and get a handle on this by looking at (Gen 6: 1-3)

So far in the Genesis story we have seen that God created Adam and Eve. The line of Cain and the line of Seth where chronicled for us in Chapter 4 & 5. This chapter begins by telling us that humanity begins to multiply on the face of the earth. It then tells us the “Sons of God” married the daughters of men. If you haven’t heard this then things might get real interesting real fast. Many believe that the Sons of God referred to here are fallen angels. The expression “Sons of God”, only appears four times in the whole of the Old Testament. Here once in Genesis, and 3 times is in Job (Job Ch 1, 2, and 38) You may not be aware that the story told in the book of Job is set at the same time in biblical history as what we are reading about here during the time of the Patriarchs. The Sons of God when mentioned in Job are clearly and undisputable angels. The argument is that the Sons of God referred to herein Genesis are also angels, because it is clearly used that way in this book and the book of Job. This view is probably the only view which explains why God needed to send the flood? If Angels, fallen Angels, had indeed married human women contaminated the human race, then only a totally clean slate would seem appropriate. I believe the New Testament confirms that view. In the little book of Jude verse 6 it says “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling” This interesting passage of scripture indicates that the Angels of verse 6 committed sexual sins and they went after strange flesh, as it says in the KJV. If you had lived within the first 400 years of a Christian era this would have been the accepted interpretation of this passage until some people came along later and came up with other theories. This interpretation was usually accepted with some slight variations among all Jewish and Christians scholars for the first 400 years of church history. The idea is the whole human race is corrupted by these acts and the Lord says; “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever”.

The long lives of the pre flood era are now over. God now says’ and I'm going to limit humanity to a maximum of 120 years from now on. People today are always talking about what's going on in the world and how it's about as bad as it can get. It was the same back then. So, let me ask, is there any good news in all this? It's subtle but please note God says in verse 3 he says the years shall be 120 year. This tells us two things, Firstly, God has set a time limit and secondly, he will be gracious first God is always gracious even in the midst of the most unimaginable evil. Before God judges anyone he always allows them enough time to allow them to turn to him and change the direction of their life. So, the bad news is the perversion of humanity, but the good news is always the patience of God's grace and the hope of restoration.
Maybe you look at the news and get cynical wondering why doesn't God do something. Maybe now you can look at the bad news and remember the good news that God offers forgiveness and a new start.
(Gen: 6: 4)” The Hebrew word ‘Nephilim’ also translated Giants comes from the word to fall upon and only occurs twice in all of the Old Testament once here, and once in Numbers 13:33 The expression “mighty men” is used in the KJV and is a much better translation than “Heroes”. These mighty men where huge by stature and huge by reputation. Renowned for their exploits of strength and violence and that is what made them famous [infamous].
The rest of this passage through to verse 7 is where we're given (Gen 6: 5-7) God reacts to the wickedness He sees. Firstly, the Lord regretted that he had made them, and secondly, look at verse 7, the Lord says I will wipe them from the face of the earth (v7) Back in chapter one God saw the creation and said it's good. Now in chapter six he sees what's happened to his creation and he says it’s bad, and he regrets that he even made mankind. He sees that “every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was on evil all the time”. So, the Lord sees wickedness, everywhere and he was sorry that he had made man on the earth and he was grieved in his heart. God is hurt by the wickedness he sees around him. God is not a robot we know that he is a personal emotional living being and not just a static principle. He transcends us, and he is far above us, yet he is affected by us to the point of being pained by our rebellion and sin. He speaks and says in verse seven “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created”. The decision to destroy life on the earth is not a cold calculated decision, This is God deeply hurt and grieved over what happened.
Man had fallen and lost the purpose for which he was created. I submit to you that was very bad news indeed. However, in the midst of the bad news, there is always good news. (Gen 6: 8) God in his justice decided to judge he is still willing to be forgiving toward any and all who would turn to him.

In the midst of the wrath of God there are always some who will find their way to grace. Would you like to know how he found you way to God’s grace? (Hebrews 11: 7) By Faith, He knew that God was giving humanity 120 years to prepare in Gen 6:3 and he believed God. He believed what God said and trusted God to save him from his sins and did what God asked him to do. God would preserve and restore the human race through him. I think this story is about a time when the news was about as bad as it could get. However, in the midst of that bad news, is always good news that God wants to save those who trust in Him.
I want to close by making two final points. Firstly, the bad news is that things are just as bad today. Things are as bad I've ever seen them or as I would ever could have imagined they could be. We're live in wicked times folks. The world has devised 1000 of different ways to produce moral destruction in the lives of its individuals. This current generation is being tempted with more opportunities to entangle and corrupt themselves in damaging behaviours at ever younger ages and in increasingly clever ways. But point this morning is, but when there is bad news there is good news The good news is that God is gracious he will save all that come to him in faith Noah in his generation found grace in the eyes of the Lord and he was saved. The bad news is really bad, but the good news is better, it couldn’t be any better in fact. By his grace God repairs forgives, restores and rebuilds. In future when you see the stuff happening around you ask yourself where is the good news in this situation? Look for the grace of God. The Lord is still alive, and the Lord is still working. So, when you see something bad in the world ask where is the opportunity for us to show the grace of God in this situation. How can I help promote the love of God in the midst of this wicked generation? The Bible says that where sin thrives grace can thrive much more. So, when you hear bad news, start praying and ask God to exercise his grace through you. Because as long as we're here, God is at work in us and we just need to cooperate with what he's doing. Loving people in practical ways and giving people the good news so that they can know the love of God in their lives also.
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