Genesis 1:14 – 2:3 (And God Created Light)


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The passage we are going to look at covers the section of Scripture that cover days 4-6 of the creation story. (Gen 1: 14-15) The beginning of this fourth day. Previously in verse 3 it said let there be light, singular, but here in verse 14 it says, let there be lights in the heavens, plural. In day four God populates the heavens with stars galaxies, etc and it also tells us the reasons God creates these heavenly objects.

Firstly, to guide and divide the day from night.

Secondly, the sun the moon and stars are also given to be signs, they are to serve as signposts for the wonder of creation and to point to the creator. The starry heavens are to be signs not just for physical navigation but for our spiritual navigation as well. They are meant to point to the wonder of their designer and creator.

The third purpose is that they are created in order that humanity may be able to map out the seasons and the years, from the shortest measurement of a day, through the seasons and even the longest measurement of a year. All measurements can be determined by the movement of these heavenly objects.

Finally, a fourth purpose is given in verse 15 and that is to distribute light.

The text then continues (Gen 1: 16-19) God again states that it is good, which means “good” for the purpose they were created for. This text was written into a cultural background and a time when everyone believed that man was subject to the prophecies dictated by the movement of the moon and the stars. Here we are told, these stars were created by God for the service of all humanity which is a completely different perspective. Which is why God pronounces them good.

That’s the fourth day let’s look at the 5th day (Gen 1: 20-23) The fifth day: God creates what is often called the fish and the fowl. It talks about the great sea creatures and everything that moves under the water, whales, and giant squids and all imaginable forms of sea-life. Again, the Babylonians and the ancient Egyptians worshipped these great sea-creatures, and again Moses says, no you have got it wrong. God created amazing birds and fish and mammals in order that we should worship the creator not his creatures. Again, God declares these things “good”. So that’s day five.

It’s at this point he also created mankind and it is important to note he particularly said, “let us create them in our image”.  So, what does that mean? Being, “created in the image of God” is nothing to do with our physical bodies. We are related to the image of God as a result of our identity our personhood. God is a person he is a creative loving being with personality. In other words, God has a mind, and he expresses emotion, and He has a will. Man is created in His likeness in that we also have intellectual ability, natural emotion and most importantly freewill and even following our fall from grace he still maintains those characteristics. So, God creates humanity in verse 26 then in verse 28 He tells them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Humanity is called to have stewardship over all of creation. He wants us to care for all creation, but He wants us to do it wisely.

In (Gen 1: 29-31) God again declares it very good, fit for purpose, then that is it, the end of the sixth day.

The seventh day is covered in (Gen 2: 1-3) On the seventh day God had finished his entire work of creation both in the heavens and on the earth.

Then he rested. The Greek word “rested” just means he stopped working. Don’t think of this in the way you might mean when you have a rest. Don’t be thinking of a bed or a hammock, or a couch with a remote control for the TV. It just means he stopped working and it tells us that he blessed the seventh day and set it apart, sanctified it. That’s the first creation story, as told in the bible.

In summary, this passage, simply says God created the heavens and the earth in three days, then in the next three he populated it, including the creation of Humanity, and then he rested.

Can a Christian read all this and still maintain a scientific world view? The overarching view of science I still believes leaves a huge intellectual space for God, because science does not reveal the why, it only suggests and hypothesis the how. Science tells us a lot but there it can’t tell us why we are here The real question is why where human beings created in the first place. I believe the bible teaches us that God created us in his own image in order to make us free moral agents.

I’d like to come to the end by pointing out some of the why’s that I believe Genesis chapter 1 teaches us.

  1. I believe the reason why God sovereignly created the heavens and the earth was to express his personality as a designer and creator and to demonstrate that everything is under his control.
  2. The bible teaches that God created everything by his Word, because his spoken words are the expression of his personality.
  3. God created life by His word, and we are told that the God who sovereignly gives life, also redeems life, and he does so by the application of His will through His spoken Word.

He changes darkness to light, chaos to created order, even death to life.

In order to demonstrate that God is the thought and the source of all life. If God is the source of all life who better knows how to direct our lives than the one who created, it. Maybe we should go to him when we need to understand the meaning of life. Maybe we should turn to him when we need help to know how he can help us live this one life He has given us.

Therefore, is it not logical to believe that if we believe that He is the one who created us in the first place then he is also the one who can re-create us.

For new life and answers how to handle your own life go seek the creator of life.

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