Foundations of Our Faith – Part 8 – Heaven and Hell

Session 1 Heaven.

What’s heaven like?

Heaven is a place, a real place

(John. 14:2-3).

(Acts 1:10-11).

Heaven is a Happy Place

(Rev. 21:4-5a)

(1 Cor. 15:50)

(Rev. 21:8).

Heaven will be a Busy Place

(John. 14:1-3).


Heaven is a place; a real place, a happy place, and a busy place. Busy because it is a populated place. Populated by God and the people of God. There will be enjoyment, employment, and excitement there.  The definition of the doctrine of heaven is: “Heaven is a place where all the children of God will spend eternity with their heavenly Father”.


 Hell is also a real place

(Luke 16:23).

(Matt 25:41)

Will it last forever, is hell eternal?” The answer to that question is…. “No

(Rev. 20:12-15; 21:8).

Hell/Hades/Sheol is the temporary abode of the wicked dead Somewhere else called “The Lake of Fire, or Gehenna” is the permanent place of the unrepentant dead. So like Hell before it, the Lake of Fire

The Lake of Fire is real place.

(1 John 5: 12)

The Lake of Fire is a Place of Darkness.

(2 Pet. 2:17).

The Lake of Fire is a place of Fire



The Lake of fire is an eternal place of separation from God, and a place of conscious torment. In defense of the biblical position on the doctrine of a hell it should be pointed out that the people going there, left God out of their life all of their life. God just made the situation permanent. If anything, hell is a complement to our individual freedom of choice. C,K. Chesterton wrote, “Hell is God’s great complement to the reality of human freedom and dignity of human personality.”Perhaps the most important fact about hell is that no one, absolutely no one, must go there.

 Hell! - You don’t have to go there!

Christ died in order to keep everyone out of hell. All anyone need do is trust in Him and His death on the cross as the payment of their sins and that individual can and will escape not only Hell, but the eternal lake of fire. Jesus Christ died to pay for your sin. All you have to do, to escape Hell and the Lake of Fire is to trust in Him.


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Heaven and Hell