Foundations Of Our Faith – Part 5 – Sin is Not What you Think, Salvation is Better Than You Thought



"all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23).

But what does the Bible say that sin is?

The Definition of Sin

Both the Hebrew and Greek words for “sin” when they appear in the bible means something akin to “missing a mark,” or “overstepping a boundary,” In other words, there is a standard that exists, and that standard is missed.

That being the case, perhaps a better definition of sin is, “Anything contrary to the nature of God.”

The Different Aspects of Sin.

1        Assigned Sin (Imputed)

2        Original Sin (Inherent).

3        Individual Sin

4        The Total State of Sin.


Sin is everything contrary to the nature of God. There are four aspects of it.

  • All have sin assigned to us by our shared generational history as fallen human beings.
  • All participate in Adam’s nature; it is inherent in us.
  • All produce our own sins they are individually done by every one of us.
  • All exist in a state of sin.

Sin, then, is the lack of conformity to God and His law, either in state, nature, or in what we do.

Salvation is better than thought.

The biblical doctrine of spiritual salvation can be divided into three parts.

Salvation is past, present, and future.

They have been saved.

They are being saved.

They will be saved.

What are we saved from?

1       Salvation from the Penalty of Sin

2       Salvation from the Power of Sin.

3       Salvation from the Presence of Sin.


A definition of the doctrine of salvation is:

  • God saves individuals from the penalty of sin when they trust His Son Jesus Christ;
  • He is in the process of delivering them from the power of sin in this life,
  • Furthermore, He will ultimately deliver them from the very presence of sin when the go to be with him in heaven.

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